Automatic Identification means to "automatically input bar-code, magnetic-card, RF/ID data, etc.
 with the use of hardware and software and not human intervention in order to recognize the
content of the data".
A synonym "ADC (Automatic Data Capture/Collection) is also used in Europe and America.
    Types of AI technologies
1.Bar Code Dark rectangular bars and white rectangular spaces are alternated where the widths of individual rectangles are varied to code information.
2.Magnetic Stripe Magnetic cards, pre-paid cards, hybrid IC
-magnetic cards, etc.
3.OCR Optical Character Recognition
  (Radio Frequency
Identification device for radio frequency recording of data on card- or tag-shaped media and for communications through an antenna.
  (Radio Frequency
  Data Communications)
Generic term for communications systems involving two-way communications between a host computer and portable terminals for collecting and transmitting/receiving data.
6.Smart Card   Credit card with built-in CPU and memory. Has superior security function and communications function for data recording and retrieval.
7.Optical Card   Credit-card size ROM with optically recorded/stored large amount of data.
8.Memory Button
  (Touch Memory)
  Essentially functions the same way as RF/ID does. Tag or card shaped, and has a stainless steel cover. Data is transferred through contact with this cover.
Identification by biometric characteristics such as finger prints and retinal patterns.
10.Machine Vision Image processing by computer.
11.Voice Recognition Converts human voice into electric signals and inputs them into computer.
  (Electronic Data
  Online transmission/receipt of all transaction data including customer name, product name and price information to facilitate processing steps.