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@The steady period of growth of Japanese industry related with automatic identification including barcode, 2D@symbology, RFID and biometrics, is truly a blessing born of the spirit of cooperation among organization members, and proof of@how society has come to recognize the importance of the vital technology.

@Automatic identification technology has contributed to our safe and secure society and reached into our consumption lifestyle and corporate activities since when we placed special emphasis on laborsaving and efficiency. In the era of ubiquitous computing, automatic identification technology is expected to bring unlimited opportunities by providing optimal solutions to users facing problems.

@JAISA has been busy in engaging in activities related with research, standardization, popularization, education, fostering and securing of the automatic identification engineers by conducting a qualifying examination, and international exchange and cooperation with other organization with a great deal of effort to fulfill expectations. JAISA hosts exhibitions and seminars in Tokyo and Osaka and throughout Japan with the goal of popularization and revitalizing local markets.
@In view of the importance of such a social role , JAISA is establishing its position in the automatic identification, contributing to various industries with government ministries and agencies promoting plans for safe and trustworthy security by Information Technology. This in turn spurs the Japanese economy and raises the standard of living.
@In the years ahead, JAISA will continue to seek your support and enthusiastic participation.

Mitsuhiko Masegi, Chairman